Well-being body massages

Sensory Relax 50′


70€ price per person

Partial massage 30′


50€ price per person

Draining 50′

75€ price per person

Decontracting athlete 50′

80€ price per person

Lux Massage

PINDAS massage with herbs and Sardinian salts 50′


80€ price per person

Foot reflexology 30′

50€ price per person

Personalized massage in the woods 50′

80€ price per person

Massage in the woods with Tibetan bells


90€ price per person

Couple’s massage


from €140 to €160 (price for 2 people based on the massage requested)



Illuminate your face. 

With our “Regenerate” treatments, highly qualified professionals, and rejuvenating environment, we offer a complete well-being experience to regenerate your body and mind.

We only use the best facial products, combining them with the latest massage techniques to provide a complete relaxation experience.

Welcome radiant facial skin as you indulge in the relaxation of your mind and body.